Branch Manager – Bandung Jawa Barat

Syarat – Syarat Melamar Kerja di Posisi Branch Manager – Bandung Jawa Barat di Perusahaan Company Confidential

Batasan Usia Pelamar
{antara|minimal} 35 tahun {s.d.|maksimal} 45 tahun.

Syarat Jenis Kelamin Pelamar
Pria dan wanita bisa melamar, Tidak ada syarat harus pria atau harus wanita

Essential Job Knowledge, Skill and Ability:

• Bachelor’s degree graduated from the recognized university.

• Minimum 5 years experience at the same field.

• Strong leadership, administrative, organizational, managerial and communication skills.

• Demonstrated analytical ability to gather and interpret information, and develop, recommend and implement solutions.

• Ability to read financial statements and reports.

• Proven analytical and problem solving skills.

• Effective oral and written communication skills.

• Ability to deal calmly and effectively with customers while maintaining and promoting a positive image.

• Solid interpersonal skills with the ability to lead and motivate others.

• Proficiency in the use of computers and software programs; including word processing, spreadsheet, power point and e-mail applications

Pengalaman Kerja minimal 60

Tanggung Jawab

Job Descriptions :

• Responsibility for all resources and Sales.

• Demonstrate and explain products, methods, or services in order to persuade customers to purchase materials or utilize services.

• Coordinates and monitors all sales to ensure sales rates are consistent with business plan and pattern.

• Branch Managers are also expected to perform outside sales duties that require a high level of professionalism and a self motivating attitude.

• Monitors and Coordinates inventory movement between Branches.

• Regularly reviews and analyzes reports to evaluate Sales. Provides one-on-one feedback and hands on training to increase sales/productivity and quality, in accordance with Branch standards.

• Investigates errors in order to determine the cause and recommends/implements business solutions where needed.

• Learn about competitors’ products and consumers’ interest and concerns in order to answer questions and provide more complete information.

• Identify interested and qualified customers in order to provide them with additional information.

• Responsible for maintaining inventory accuracy through process development and management.

• Prepare and alter presentation contents to target specific audience.

• Opportunities to make decisions. Requires making decisions that impact the results of co-workers, clients, or the company.

• Manages daily staffing to match volume and ensure Sales targets are achieved.

• Optimizes daily execution of standardized processes through continuous direction, training, productivity monitoring and evaluation of sales.

• Provides daily coaching and feedback to hourly associates who are involved in the sales transaction.

• Responsible for identifying potential labor relations issues and resolving such issues with the Branch Managers.

• Responsible for maintaining high level of customer morale, including contributing to and ensuring the maintenance of a professional workplace environment.

• Performs additional duties relative to managing the company’s processes/goals

• Preferably domiciled in Bandung


IDR 10.000.000 – 15.000.000

{Company Profile|Profil Perusahaan}  Company Confidential

Perusahaan Company Confidential memiliki pekerja dengan jumlah pekerja, Gaji untuk pekerja baru saat ini adalah sekitar 10 sampai 15 juta. Perusahaan yang terletak di Bandung ini terus berkembang dan mengundang Anda untuk bergabung dan menjadi keluarga besar Perusahaan ini.
Kategori Perusahaan ini adalah :
Billing Company Name : Company Confidential
Billing Company Address : Jl. Cideng Barat No. 78, Jakarta 10150

Alamat Perusahaan Company Confidential

Alamat : Brataco Group Jl. Cideng Barat No. 78 Kota Jakarta Pusat
Telepon : 62-21-3522733
Fax : 62-21-34831903
Email :
Website :

Jika Anda merasa memenuhi syarat dan Gaji yang ditawarkan yaitu IDR 10.000.000 – 15.000.000 cocok buat Anda, segera kirimkan lamaran ke e-mail dengan Surat Lamaran yang baik dan CV yang lengkap sebelum penawaran di tutup pada 2023-04-17.

Saat Postingan ini saya tulis sudah ada setidaknya 256 Lamaran yang masuk, artinya minimal ada 256 saingan yang memperebutkan posisi ini, persiapkan diri Anda dengan membuat CV yang baik dan berdoa yang khusuk kepada Tuhan Yang Maha Esa agar Anda yang diterima.

Kami menghimbau agar Anda berhati-hati dalam mengirimkan lamaran. Apabila ada yang menghubungi Anda dan meminta untuk membayar biaya tertentu, lebih baik dihindari.