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Job Role as a Field Engineer

The Field Engineer will be expected to travel to multiple customers at multiple sites as needed for support, dispatch and backfill purposes. The Field Engineer ensures that a company’s computer systems work effectively for streamlined operations. They install computer hardware and software, update applications and perform diagnostic tests and maintenance on computer components.

They help people resolve network, hardware and software issues. Depending on their specialisation and employment requirements, Field Engineers can work as full-time within a company and offer technical support and require to work overtime and weekends to suite the Company and Customer needs. Site Visit Reports will be submitted to the management team once the site visit is complete.

The Field Engineer will need to keep record of his hours using our internal company application software, which must be submitted daily for approval.

Tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • –          Provide support for remote sites in and around the Region.
  • –          After hours on-call support for requested sites.
  • –          Provide support to other HPIT support teams as needed.
  • –          Participate in operational meetings as required
  • –          LAN and Voice MACD knowledge/skills
  • –          Maintain and update existing network infrastructure. This includes:
  • –          Adding connectivity between labs, offices and network equipment via copper and fibre

o   Ensuring that all links have been tested, jumpers labelled and documented and placed on the proper subnet (testing plan provided by implementation engineer)

o   Remove cables no longer in use following appropriate procedures

o   Troubleshoot and repair system connections as needed

o   Communicate with HP engineers regarding capacity of network equipment so that necessary cabling and hardware changes can be made to ensure port availability

o   Assemble and install switching equipment under the direction of network engineer.

o   Maintain switch information: naming and patching according to HP’s standards

o   Install network cards as needed on switches and switching hubs

o   Mount all network hardware and labelled with proper IP address and system name

  • –          Where required, maintain inventory of spare equipment, operating supplies, and cables. This will include creating and/or maintaining spreadsheets and/or other documentation regarding inventory levels
  • –          Create and maintain accurate documentation regarding site Cabling Support service
  • –          Send representation to appropriate platform meetings and other meetings that affect the service being supported
  • –          Hardware Depot/ Hardware Recovery Centre support
  • –          Loaner equipment management.
  • –          Parts Ordering and inventory management.
  • –          Shipping and Receiving management.
  • –          Provision authentication hardware like active smart cards, Active Keys, and smart card readers for users using HP internal systems.
  • –          New PC setup, install, re-image and End-user data transfer.
  • –          System software & hardware support in PC’s.
  • –          Incident management & resolution.
  • –          Demonstrate leadership in identifying and implementing best practices in the form of process and quality improvements for the services supported. All changes/implementations must be approved by HP prior to being completed


Essential Skills (behavioural/technical/ language skills)

  • English & Local Language
  • Ability to manage schedule on multiple projects
  • Vehicle and License
  • Transparent communication
  • Proven work Experience in the role
  • Advance knowledge of Windows OS (Mac, Linux is a bonus)
  • Practical Experience in the role
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Organisational and interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to travel to customers as required

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